England Cricket Team in Need of Improvement

Not that anyone would wish that a national tragedy would come to the rescue, but effectively that’s what the horrifying events have done for England’s one-day team in India. With the One Day Series with India well and truly lost, England has abandoned the remaining two matches and might also pull out of the two scheduled test matches next month.England who was 0-5 down in the seven match series were heading into a crisis and had both quick bowlers, Andrew Flintoff and Stuart Broad injured. The abandonment should at least give Kevin Pietersen and his team time to regroup and dwell on what has been a nightmare month for them.In the latest match India stormed to a six-wicket victory with over six over’s to spare and were only two more matches of inflicting a series whitewash on the tourists, to leave England facing a series whitewash. Injuries to Andrew Flintoff and Stuart Broad.Pietersen also incurred an injury to his side after hitting an unbeaten 111 to help England reach 270 a total that many thought may be enough. In the event it was only par for the pitch as India simply took the England bowling apart and demonstrated how One Day cricket should be played.Led by Virender Sehwag who hit a brilliant 91 off just 73 balls in a 136 run partnership with cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, their 20 over stay at the crease was as frightening as it was ruthless and provided India with the perfect platform to win the match. England failed miserably in the bowling attack which was all too often short and wide and lacking impact off the pitch. England must learn that you cannot bowl like that to players of the Indian openers.England must also face criticism for the selection of their batting line up. Out went Ian Bell and his place taken as an opener by Alistair Cook, who with the best will in the world simply does not have the game for ODI’s, Cook is test match opener who can play the forward defensive better than anyone, but in a game that insists on avoidance of dot balls, Cook does not fit the bill. England would have been far better off playing Luke Young in that position and his inclusion would have meant that Pietersen would have greater bowling variation.It could even be argued that Pietersen should have opened, he is the best batsmen by far and opening would have given him more balls to hit. The worst selection however was that of Paul Collingwood at number 4. On his previous form in India, he did not justify selection in his normal position at number 6, let alone being promoted up in the order to 4. In the event he hit 40 runs off 64 balls, that is nearly 11 overs! There is no doubt that in form batsman, Owais Shah should have had the number 4 berth, but instead he was relegated to number 6 after hitting a cracking 65 in the match previously. Shah came in and scored another 66 off just 57 balls.England must now regroup and take themselves back to the practice nets to prepare for next summer’s all important Ashes series in the UK against Australia. After winning in such glory in 2005, the team have slowly been slipping backwards and defeat in Australia in 2007 saw them relinquish the Urn. If they are to regain winning ways ahead of the 2009 series lessons must be learnt from the India trip.

Boat Transport | transportation

Preparing your boat for transportation is definitely something that requires a great amount of care. For boat owners, it is a stressful situation and finding a company that can transport your boat is the highest priority. There are many things that a boat hauler should posses including having insurance and being bonded and years of experience.The planning of the transportation from one destination to another is the most difficult part of the process. There are many state requirements and Federal DOT regulations that govern transporting the oversized vessels or boat on a trailer, and finding a company that understands the requirements and has the experience and licenses is essential.There are different types of hauling for different types of water vessels such as the following:Yacht transportation and hauling: Often times with yacht shipping there are issues such as height issues to content with. The yachts must be logistically transported from one destination to another. With this type of yacht shipping, it is important to have an experienced hauler to insure the safety of the haul.Boat transportation and hauling: Boat hauling is a very specialized area of transportation and choosing the right company is a major decision. Choosing a company that not only is well-qualified and experienced but one that has high standards in customer service is essential.Sailboat Transportation and hauling: With sailboat transportation and hauling, there are specific considerations to take into account. The weight of the sailboat must be distributed properly. With the sailboat there is the consideration of above deck equipment, spars and rigging that must be seen to when being loaded. It is vital to have a boat hauling company that is aware and understands the various considerations and takes the additional time to load the sailboat and its equipment properly.Powerboat transportation and hauling: Powerboats come in all different hull shapes and sizes. Whether a sport fisher, a trawler, or a cigarette style café racer it is important to choose a boat hauler that is well versed in the area of properly loading and transporting the boat.Small boat and trailer transportation: When a small boat is being transported on a trailer, it is called Tow & Go. Finding a company that specializes in the pickup and delivery is essential as they are able to insure the quality and care of the transport.International boat transportation and shipping: This is a very specialized are of hauling and choosing a company that works in the arena is essential. The company must have expertise in working arrangements with overseas shipping lines and international boat transport.Boat haulers must be experienced, reliable, insured, bonded and knowledgeable. It is essential that the company have the experience in the marine industry to transport the boat whether down the street, across the country or Internationally. There is not only the concern of damage that may occur to the boat when improperly hauled, but also the concern of safety. An experienced, reliable boat hauling company will take the stress out of the experience.

Immigration Law and Immigration Reform: | laws and issues

Why you need an Immigration Lawyer Now.There has been much in the press lately about immigration law and immigration reform. In fact, there are so many laws recently enacted or under consideration on the federal, state and local level that only lawyers engaged in the practice of immigration law have a clear picture of exactly what is actually in place regarding active law in the community where you live.Texas LawIn Texas for example, several communities have enacted or attempted to enact various forms of landlord tenant legislation or regulations to monitor and track the legal residency status of tenants in rental communities. Some of these regulations have been challenged and brought down while others have succeeded. In many other places regulations have been put in place or have been attempted to monitor and track the legal residency status of grade school, middle school and high school students and their families. There are now numerous regulations and guidelines for college student loans and grants and still many more which attempt to regulate the hiring practices of all types of employers as it regards the legal residency status of employees. There are ramifications for weddings, permits and professional licensing and these vary geographically all across the U.S.Anyone who has questions about how these rules and regulations affect them and their families can no longer rely on their community of friends and family to provide safe guidance. Only a licensed legal professional who specializes in immigration law can help sort through the piles of rules, regulations and laws that govern each specific instance where an immigrant may come in contact with the legal entities that regulate and monitor virtually every aspect of life in the United States. If you are a legal resident, these are issues which you don’t need to be concerned about in most cases unless you are a landlord or employer. However, anyone who is not a legal resident will find their lives filled with challenges on a daily basis that can cost them their livelihood, home or their freedom.Legal ResidentIf you are not a legal resident of the United States the smartest option for you is to find a trustworthy immigration law attorney with whom you can confide from time to time. You don’t need to pay them a retainer for services unless you actually need their assistance. However, it is best to be prepared in the event that you do.You should not engage in any work activity that you think may put you in jeopardy of breaking any US immigration law without first consulting a legal authority that can help clarify your position and advise you on the best course of action.Immigration reformIn today’s turbulent times of immigration reform, many people are under scrutiny that never had their integrity challenged in the past. Your best course of action to avoid problems and possible deportation is to find a good immigration attorney you can trust to be on your side whenever you need assistance understanding current immigration law and immigration reform efforts in your own local area.